Sunday, August 10, 2008

Don't get between Me and my Brewers

It's no secret that my Daddy and Mommy are big Brewers fans, but what they didn't REALLY realize until this week, was that I REALLY am a Brewers fan too. Anytime the game is on, or we're at the ballpark they have to turn me or put me in a place where I can watch my guys play. (My favorite, of course is Jason Kendall, just like Mommy) Today, Mommy left me in my walker to sit and play, and when she came back into the living room, she found me like this....intently watching my Brewers in extra innings. Come on boys, you can pull this one out!


ryan young said...

Oh.... I thought it was a Mike Rivera fan.

Becky said...

If by "it" you mean Melodie, then NO, she's definately a 1) Jason Kendall 2) Ryan Braun 3) Corey Hart 4) CC Sabathia 5) Russel Branyan 6) Mike (don't call me Kirk) Cameron 7) Prince Fielder 8) J.J. Hardy and 9) Ray Durham