Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Photo DUMP!

I like my plug a lot, it helps me relax...
Want to try it?

I'll just chomp on my camel...it's part of my nativity set.

Do you know what time it is?

It's CRAWLING time....well, almost.

Mommy and Daddy put up a pretty tree for me to play with...I REALLY like the snow flake best.

Mommy found me playing with my baby monitor the other day after my nap....umm, she quickly moved it out of my crib though...now I can't play with it anymore.

Mommy said that Christmas is coming, which means that I have to practice opening presents. I did a great job, although I insisted on sampling the taste of EACH piece of paper I ripped off the package! It didn't taste good, but I figured I'd keep sampling. Maybe some paper will taste good.

I'm a happy kid.

I love my Dad. He kisses me bye-bye when he goes to work, like today! :)


MelissaLB said...

More photo dumping please!! I love seeing pic's of Melodie!

Marni said...

Ditto Missy. It's been far too long since there have been new blog pictures :)