Monday, April 20, 2009

Some of my birthday, and my awesome new moves

I had an awesome birthday. We went out for breakfast at a diner in the morning. We decorated the house for my friend's to come over. We had cupcakes and brownies, Little Caeser's pizza, soda and juice. Mommy and Daddy got me a SWEET picnic table that I can play with sand and water and boats on! It's SO cool. I also got a new trick at my party. All of my little friends were walking around, so I decided to start walking around too at the end of my party. I only took like five steps on my birthday, but the video is from today, I'm getting good at being a Bi-ped!
(Sorry the pictures are out of order, mommy couldn't figure out how to fix it.)

Here I am opening up my present...a little out of order, but we couldn't seem to fix it.

The Happy Birthday sign didn't stay up too long...mommy couldn't get it to hang just right.

Mommy blew up a LOT of balloons for the party

I wonder what it is?

Here I am chillin' before the festivities began!

We had Little Caesars pizza, soda and juice. YUMMY!

We also had some yummy favorite was the green one that I ate...but the pictures are on a different camera.

Mommy also made some brownies for some of my friends

We walked to the was such a pretty day!

Daddy let me wear his sunglasses!


MelissaLB said...

great pictures! Those cupcakes look yummy!!

Anonymous said...
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Ben & Jan said...

What fun!!! I must say, I LOVE the leaded glass windows in the background!!! I am so jealous of your Craftsman house.

MelissaLB said...

I'm jealous of your house too! What comment did you delete? Was it someone saying that Melodie is not the CBE??? cmon peeps- she totally is!!