Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The wages of sin...

The other day Melodie came home from school and I asked her what she had learned about in school.  "Sin" she responded quickly.  She pulled a worksheet out of her backpack and showed me that they had been going through Genesis in her class and were talking about Cain and Abel.  She explained how Cain had offered his fruits and the harvest of his crops, while Abel had given meat, and that the meat was the good sacrifice, and the harvest crops weren't.  I was impressed by how well she seemed to grasp the story, she reminded me of some details that I'd forgotten, and we talked about it.  

After talking about the picture, I asked her what she thought sin meant.  And that's when she flipped over her worksheet and showed me the picture that she'd drawn.  Now, she colors the back of EVERY worksheet, mostly with hearts and doodles, but I looked at the picture and was blown away.

After asking her about the picture, here was Melodie's description:

"Well, Mom, it's a picture of the crucifixion.  That HAD to happen because of sin, Mom.  The middle guy is Jesus, and he's being crucified between the two thieves.  That guy (on the left) is smiling because Jesus told him that he'd get to go to Heaven with him because he asked for forgiveness, but the other guy is frowning because he's dying.  Did you know, Mom, that the Bible says that the WHOLE world turned dark because of Jesus on the cross?  The whole thing...that's why I colored the background black, because it was SO dark."

Thank you Jesus.  Thank you for dying on a cross for me, for enduring the awful pain and anguish for me.  Thank you for suffering, for forgiving, even when you were dying, and for giving us a hope and peace, that amidst great darkness we can hope in you because of what you did on Calvary.  Thank you for conquering death and sin. Thank you, that one day, every knee will bow, every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord.  You are a mighty King.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking my place Jesus.  Thank you for showing yourself to Melodie and having her "get" what you did.   Thank you for what you're doing in my family right now, it's awesome and refreshing.  You are awesome and mighty, so mighty to save.  I love you Jesus.

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