Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hasn't gotten old yet

Because it doesn't get old to post pictures of Melodie, here are some more.

My Daddy loves me, he's getting pretty good at feeding, burping and changing me too. He even figured out a trick to help me stop hiccupping. Mommy hasn't figured that trick out yet, but she'll learn.
Daddy dressed me this morning. I love my new onesie from Aunt Ceci, and the pants from Mommy's friend at work.

The Friday before Mommy delivered me, her co-workers threw her a surprise ME shower! Mommy had stayed late the night before to finish some work, but she didn't know that everyone was waiting for her to leave so that they could decorate! We got outfitted with some great presents, clothes, blankets, shoes, books, giftcards and other great stuff. It sure was nice of her co-workers to celebrate me, even though they hadn't met me yet.
The cake was great too. Carole's friend made it, and it was wonderful. Thanks Mommy's friends for taking care of us!

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