Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pictures of MJ

Thought that I'd post some updated picture of Melodie. She's been fun this weekend, and is a lot more alert today than she has been before.

Grandpa and Grandma Young came to visit me at the hospital
So did Great Grandpa Ranallo
My cousin Madeline came and checked me out too. She's two months older than I am.
Uncle Gabe was at the hospital too, and my cousin Ari was pretty excited about having me as a cousin.
All of Mommy's sisters came to visit from Michigan the day after I was born. Aunt Carrie is holding me, Aunt Missy drove, and Aunt Ceci told us that she was expecting a cousin for me in November! That's going to be two more cousins since Aunt Carrie is due in October!

Mommy's friend Sara holding me for the first time. Thanks Sara for the delicious Chicken dinner with fruit! It was tasty.

Mommy and me chilling out in the living room

Mommy's friend Emily who came over to drop off a present of diapers, wipes and practical coupons redeemable for help over the next few months. Thanks Emily, you're awesome.
Chillin' in the boppy seat

What's going on?

Mommy and I are about to leave the hospital, I'm all wrapped in Aunt Jill's blanket, and have the dress on that Grandma LaBarge gave me to come home in.
Aunt Janet and Uncle Ben made the trek out to Milwaukee to visit me the day I got home from the hospital. They were really great about posing right in front of my name which Mom had just finished painting before she went into labor.
Snug as a bug in a rug

Daddy and me right after I was weighed and measured. He's pretty proud of me, and everyone says that I look exactly like him.
First family picture
Grandma and Grandpa LaBarge came over from Holland to visit me, and meet me the day I was born. They drove home that night, and then Grandma came back to Milwaukee to help Mommy and Daddy for the weekend.
Auntie 'Ne, Grandma Young, Daddy, Mommy and me posing for a picture in the delivery room. Auntie 'Ne came right from school, and Grandma came too to meet me the night I came.
Mommy and I hanging out

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