Monday, May 5, 2008

First trip

We hadn't expected to take Melodie on a road trip quite so early, but she did a great job. This weekend we took her on her first real road trip to Michigan, and she was a trooper. Melodie's cousin Hudson was born on Friday morning. He was 22 weeks early, and lived for 45 minutes before going home to be with Jesus.

We headed out to Grand Rapids Sunday night to visit the Kuipers family. Raleigh and Sydney were really excited about meeting Melodie, and Raleigh did a great job of holding her, and calming her down. Raleigh is a great cousin, and Melodie was really happy to have gotten to meet her and the rest of her cousins this weekend.

Uncle James also got to meet Melodie on Sunday.

And, in a picture completely not related to this weekend, but having a Holland connection, the Kearney family came up to meet Melodie last weekend. (Okay, perhaps they came up to visit Colleen at Marquette, but we'll just take the credit for the visit) It was great to see them, and share time with close friends. Mr. Kearney, perhaps next time you'll actually get a chance to hold her. :)

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