Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For Aunt Miss

So, I know that I have been neglecting posting pictures of Melodie for awhile, but things have been a bit chaotic lately. Ryan found our camera and downloaded the pictures, so here they are...a random hodge-podge of Melodie and friends.
Mommy got me a new outfit that she was so proud of, she got me all excited about it, and then she put it on me. What was she thinking?!! Can you believe this hat? I look like a dork! Mom still thinks that I look cute in it, but it's been too cold to wear out yet. Oh man, when the warm weather comes I think I'll be wearing this ALL the time.
Me and my cousin Madie. She's pretty big, and seems to have the looking around thing down a lot more than me. I'm going to miss her when she moves to Oklahoma and Hawaii.
It's been cold when our furnace hasn't been working, when is that warm weather going to come? I'm sure glad that Roger came and fixed it.

I love hanging out with Daddy

I'm just trying to figure out if that thing is real or not...should I be scared or intrigued?
Mommy loves me, but I think that she looks more tired than me, and I'm the one sleeping! I'm so freakin' cute when I sleep on my hands. Mommy and Daddy love it when I curl up like this. my newest trick, or should I say the source of Mom's greatest consternation. I've been spitting up with every feeding for the past week and a half, and mom and dad are hoping Dr. Adam can fix it. Yes, that does mean another long trip to Michigan. (If you look closely, you'll even see it in my hair.)
Not only do I like to fold my hands under my chin, I also like to fold them across my chest and act like I'm contemplating something deep. Mom and dad think I'm a genius, really I'm just thinking about my next meal. :)
Lodie with Great Grandma Ranallo. I LOVE my great grandma.
Great Grandma listened to all of my woes, not that I really have any, but she listened anyway. Sleeping in my crib for the very first time. I love my new bed.
A four generation picture. Great Grandma Johnson, Grandma LaBarge, Mommy and Lodie. I'm somewhere around Great Grandma's 100th descendant! Now that's an impressive family tree.Did that satisfy your picture fix Aunt Miss? Sorry for the delay, my Mommy just was a bit busy, but she's looking forward to taking me on a little trip to visit you soon. I miss you.

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MelissaLB said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Dang that girl is cute!!!! I like the one of her in the Inspi(red) onsie. So adorable!