Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And the pigtails have it..

Melodie has been a lot of fun lately. Yesterday she learned how to sign that she wanted "more milk", which was funny since he had just downed her sippy cup full! Today I figured I'd try pigtails, as her mii character on our wii has pigtails. They turned out pretty cute. The first picture is of her random "talent". One of our friends took it at our Christmas get together. Right now she's sitting on my lap, laughing at the pictures of herself.



MelissaLB said...

Melodie + pigtails = tooooooo cute for words!!!!! Oh my gosh... I love them!

carriekuipers said...

We cannot wait to see you guys! Melodie is too cute!

Marni said...

The pigtails are adorable. She looks like Boo from Monsters Inc with them... especially in the video of her with the spoon :) Too cute!