Thursday, January 29, 2009

Try, try again

I was reading a friend's blog who mentioned that their 18 month old just got the knack of eating with utensils. They had introduced her to them at 9 months, but miraculously the other day, she just "got it". We recently have started to let Melodie go at her food. At George Webb's on Saturday, she had a ball trying to eat her hashbrowns, toast and eggs (yes, we do know now, not to give 9 month olds egg whites---she did fine with them, but we'll wait to give them to her again). Of course, she made more of a mess, and the floor tasted more of the breakfast than her tummy did, but she got to feed herself, and loved it. So today I made her some Mac n' Cheese and gave her a spoon to see how she'd do. Umm, my little prodigy did great for a nine month old. Completely unsuccessful with any attempt of using the spoon, and she quickly fisted the spoon with one hand, and food with the other. But hey, it was cute, and I didn't expect her to just start using a spoon at nine months. The one picture that I didn't get, and really wish I would've, was when I got up to change the batteries in the camera and noticed 80% of the bowl of her Mac n' Cheese in the fold of her bib! :) I quickly dumped the food in her bowl, and she quickly grabbed the bib and tried to pull it off, as if to say that she didn't really need it. I could not stop laughing. She's my little cutie.

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