Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jesus...thank you for...

Every night before Melodie goes to be we pray with her. This has been every night since she was born until now. And now Melodie is at an age where she'll pray with us. Usually it goes a little something like:
us: "Lord"
MJ: "Lord"
us: "Thank you for"
MJ: "Tank you for:
us: "Mommy and Daddy"
MJ: "Mommy, Daddy"
etc, until we're done thanking God for the things in our lives, and praying for ours and other's needs. Well, last Thursday Melodie called an audible. We were praying like usual, and it went a little something like this:
us: "Lord"
MJ: "Lord, tank you forrrrrr......"
us: "oh, Melodie, what are you thankful for?"
MJ: "Pizzzzzzzzzzza!"
me: (hiding my face and giggling)
Ryan: "that's a great thing to be thankful for. What else are you thankful for?"
MJ: (pointing to Ryan's Brewers hat) "my hat! Jesus' name, AMEN!"
me: "well what about Daddy and Mommy?"
MJ: "um, Uh Mike, Auntie 'Ne....Jesus' name, AMEN!"

Apparently, we were left out, but that's alright. It made me smile all weekend thinking about it. That's right, with all of the worry, etc that we've had, it's great to be thankful for pizza, hats, uncle mike and auntie 'Ne.

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