Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bailey, Brewers and Brats

Thought that I would post a few pictures of our spring so far. We've had a great spring, and are enjoying a change in the seasons, both physically and emotionally.

We had Bailey's headstone laid on Wednesday, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. It looks great, and it's a great place to go and remember her. The lamb turned out great, and I was really happy with the font that West Coast Memorials came up with. It's so "kiddish".

Our annual family Brewers picture. It's great to live in a city with a team close by.
I also think we have three seasons of this same photo. It'll be fun to see how Melo changes over the years, and hopefully, to watch our family expand.
The Brewers have a great play area outside the park. Melodie is finally big enough to go down the bigger slides, and she loves it. I thought that it was genius marketing to place the opening of the slide right through to see the Miller Park sign in the background. Now THAT was planning!

The Brewers aren't having that great of a season, but we were able to bring Melodie to her first game of the year on Monday, and she did GREAT! She got to meet the famous "Brat" sausage in the parking lot, and has since become a big fan of the sausage race. Melodie, Uncle Sunder and I went to the game on Wednesday, and Melodie woke up out of a sound sleep seconds before the race and started cheering for the sausages! It was hilarious. Apparently someone's internal clock knew when the race was coming.

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