Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fun around the house

Our friends offered to watch Melodie for us last night, so that we could go out and celebrate my birthday. It was a lot of fun, and nice to have a great dinner with just Ryan and me. Melodie also was excited to bring her backpack, and hang out with Kaiden and Ella for the evening! Does the grin show off her excitement enough? She also thought that she was going for an "adventure", so she tried to be like Dora and climb the stairs, run and jump. It was pretty cute.

In college my mom made me a french memo board for my apartment. (Blue and Gold of course!) I put it up yesterday by the table where Melodie and friends color and play with playdough. I like having something to display her artwork on...other than my fridge.
I'm digging Melo's art skills as well. Here's her first REAL attempt to color a picture, other than just scribbling. She picked out all of the colors herself. And after the eyes were done/overdone, I told her that she should try and color Dora's shirt. She pulled out the orange and colored, and then realized I think that Dora's shirt was pink and tried that out too. She also give Dora some pigtails like hers...notice the colored blue circles on either side of Dora's head? Not too shabby for a first attempt.

I've been loving having the basement setup as a playroom, while I fold laundry, but sometimes I catch someone eating the Play-Dough instead of playing with it. Alas, it's non-toxic so I really don't freak out about it...just don't tell Melodie that!
We went out to Target the other day, and Melodie insisted on wearing her Dad's sunglasses, bringing a bear, and her "windmill". Um, thankfully the "windmill" "accidentally" got left in the car when we went into Target.
Melodie has gotten pretty good at navigating the iPod. It sort of scares me, and now I know why my Dad used to always say that NOTHING was where he left it on the computer when we'd come home and use his computer. I get it now Dad. How is it that a 2 year old knows how to move icons and I don't?
Melodie loves to help in the kitchen, which is both fun and a challenge. I find myself coming up with extra steps so that she can "help". Like special mixing the cheese sauce for mac and cheese. Oh well, the smile makes the mess worth it.
Last week Melodie scared us by waking up screaming that her neck "really really hurt". After a trip to the doctor, then to the ER to rule out Meningitis, we found out that it was just a badly sprained muscle. Praise the Lord! We were relieved, but it still took about a week for her neck to get back to normal. You can tell in this picture that she still wasn't turning her head to the left much. Thankfully it's back to normal now, even after a short tumble down the basement stairs this morning. What a relief!

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