Friday, September 17, 2010

Melodie's first soccer practice

We started out the day having a PJ party, with plans for a low-key day. I built a fort for Melodie in the living room, and was planning on laying low. Until...

Melodie discovered her soccer cleats. Then we moved downstairs to kick the ball around, but...

that wasn't enough, plus running around in fleece PJ's is hot. So we needed to change her clothes, but...
there's only so much space available in the basement, so we had to move outside. And that's when...
serious soccer practice began! Watch out world, here Melodie comes!
I was actually really impressed with how well she dribbled the ball, and kicked it.
She also loved to run and chase after it when I'd kick it back up the hill.
and these two shots are my favorite...we practiced some set plays as well... ha!
Nice form kiddo!
Then we went out to the park to run around some more, where we wouldn't have to worry about kicking a ball into the street. Melodie loved dribbling through, er with, the cones.

I caught her sitting on the ball for a breather. We'll have to cover that next time. There's only so much one can handle at a practice.
I like to call this one the "I'm going to take you down" face. Again, watch out world, here she comes!
My little Braveheart!

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Melissa said...

USA USA!!!! Here comes Melodie!!!!