Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bailey's stuff

I thought that I'd post some pictures of "Bailey's Stuff":

After my mom heard that Bailey had passed away, she went out to the fabric store and got fleece to make Bailey a warm and cozy blanket.

She also went and got a warm and cozy out for Bailey to be buried in. I love the outfit, and it makes me happy that she'll have something nice and warm to wear.

The lamb is from my sister-in-law's mom, who sent it to us early on in the pregnancy. We had some bleeding early on, and the second time it happened I was home alone with Melodie. I was convinced we were losing Bailey, and was having a really hard time with it. Not an hour later, the mail arrived and inside was this little lamb. It was a perfect gift, to remind me that God had heard my cries and was sending comfort. How neat to have it now, and remember that God's timing is always perfect, even when He doesn't make sense.

The rest of the pictures are cards from my nieces. My sisters came into town on Saturday after hearing our news, and the kids sent along their love and support with cards. I LOVE all of the personality that went into these cards. They made all of us laugh and smile, and I know it'll be one of the memories from that day that I remember best.

This card is from Lizzie. I LOVE all of the creativeness she poured into it! I can't believe how much talent she has. I especially love the heart with a flower on the inside of the card.

This card is from Ellie, and it made me smile. It's so very much Ellie. The inside also had, "I love you ant BECK!!!!" in huge letters.

This card is from Sydney. The picture is of Bailey with pigtails. Also take note of Bailey's heart. My sister said she looked over when Sydney was coloring the card and all of the sudden she started making a ton of dots on the heart. When asked why, Sydney replied, "Oh. Those are the holes in Bailey's heart, mom". :) I think it's adorable.

And finally this card is from Raleigh. Notice the flower made from "hearts", and also the picture at the bottom, which I originally mistook for Ryan, Bailey, Me and Melodie. My sister did too, until she was corrected by Raleigh who told her that it was Grace, James and Hudson in Heaven holding Baby Bailey. :) James' 5th birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and Raleigh also explained to my sister that since he was 5, he'd probably get to hold Bailey in Heaven. This is one of my favorite pictures to hang on to.

I love the perspective that my nieces have of Heaven after having lost their brothers and sister. And I love that in this picture all four kids have big smiles, even Bailey. I know that my daughter is now whole, in perfection, and with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I know that nothing can compare to the awesomeness of the Kingdom of God, and being able to live with the Father in the fullness of his splendor. I miss Bailey because of how much I had loved her. How many dreams I'd had for her, and how badly I wanted to just hold her in my arms, comfort her, and tell her that I love her and I'm proud of her. I didn't get to do that while she was with us, but I'm beginning to realize that it's okay. She's with Jesus now, and knows and experiences the fullness of love moment by moment. Someday I'll get to hold her. Someday I'll get to tell her the things I've been aching to say. That day is not today, but it will come. I will see her again, and I'll realize how much heartache I had for my girl who got to grow up in perfection. How neat it is to have a niece who could draw a picture of Bailey smiling with her cousins, just hours after finding out that she had passed away.

Romans 8:38-39 say:
"For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord".


Dan and Gretchen said...

What a beautiful post, and what incredible strength you have! You guys will continue to be in our prayers.

Hang in there and know that God has the perfect plan for your family!!

Melissa said...

You amaze me Becky!!!