Thursday, February 11, 2010

Memorial Service

We met with the funeral home and cemetery today to arrange for Bailey's funeral arrangements. Borgwardt Funeral home has been fantastic through all of this. I called earlier on in the week, before we went in to the hospital, and they arranged everything for Bailey's "transfer of care", and have been great about giving "updates" etc. We also met with the cemetery today, and got to see Bailey's plot. It was a little odd driving up to see two guys digging around in a foot and a half of snow looking for it's location, but at least it gave Ryan and me a good laugh. The "tink, tink, tink" of their shovels on the grave markers to find the right spot and then the holler over to us with a thumbs up saying, "yeah, this is it!" for some reason made us giggle. It was all a bit surreal, but it's been nice to have moments where we've been able to smile and laugh about things as well.

We're planning on having a short graveside service on Monday at 1pm at Pinelawn Cemetery. It's on 107th and Capital, and we'll be meeting at the office building off of 107th, and then driving to the gravesite together. Our pastor, Dave Price, will be doing Bailey's service for us. It's been such a blessing to have him, as well as Phil Bowen and our entire church, family, and friends surround us with love and prayer during this season.

After the graveside service, we're having a casual "reception" for lack of a better word/term, at our house for anyone who would like to come by and say hello, see pictures, or just to be a support for us at that time. We're planning on that starting around 2:30pm at our house.

Thank you so much for everyone's love and support once again. We can feel that we've been uplifted continually in prayer. We are also so very thankful for the Ellabullis Foundation that is helping offset some of our funeral and burial costs for Bailey. I'll post more information about them later, when I'm able to get the proper link working.

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